Crazy vegan cult

“Veganism is a cult of insane social deviant truthers that are radically pushing a dubious agenda whilst peddling propaganda”.


We vegans are tarred with many epithets. Crazy, liar, hypocrite, libtard, snowflake, pious, species traitor…[ya get the gist] etc…

Fine, go ahead…give vegans a truthful moniker: Compassionate.

Yes, we vegans deviate from societal normalcy. Ethical veganism is a noble philosophy. Imagine for a moment, if you can, actually caring about other beings, & deciding to stop participating in their needless suffering. Recognize them as individuals that, just like us, feel joy, pain, love, fear. Compassion for other living beings is social deviation. Allow that to sink into your meat head for a moment…

Veganism isn’t an agenda, it is a social justice movement that rejects the commodity status of living beings. We vegans are advocating to SMASH SPECIESISM. A cow is a dog is a duck is a pig is a human is a cat is a dolphin is a canary is an elephant is….

The substantiated facts of the cruelty of animal farming is not propaganda. It is awareness. Evidence of the bloody screaming truth that is conveniently hidden in order to continue selling abused animal body parts for consumption. The evidence shared by vegan activists in the forms of research, literature, photographs, vigils, video footage, etc.

I am sure that there are vegan truthers roaming the earth. To be vegan does not mean that you are a conspiracy theorist… nor does being vegan mean you have a ‘V’ tattoo, or know a secret handshake. [In all honesty tho, I gotta tell ya… if you’re the kinda person that believes that there is only ONE possibility for an occurrence, and that ONE possibility was provided to you by the media, your church, or the government…then, you probably need to educate yourself more.]
The vegan cult…the vegan doctrine… hmm, both synonymous with religion. Makes sense though, as I have read anti-vegan tripe claiming veganism is, in fact, a religion. …our deity is…? [crickets] …chirping, I mean…no, we don’t worship crickets.

‘Crazy’ & ‘vegan’ are interchangeable to corpse munchers that refer to animal parts as ‘meat’ & ‘food’. Not wanting to be party to the suffering of another living being is crazy? Non-vegans pejorative remarks regarding our mental stability run wilder than stupidity does en masse. We vegans are cognizant of animal sentience, & cannot justify using, abusing, or eating their murdered muscle. We vegans can understand that intelligence looks like insanity to incognizant brainwashed drones. I’ve been told that animals ‘die good deaths’, ‘god gave animals to us to use’, ‘what about plants’, & ‘killed humanely!’… yet, vegans are the crazy ones?

When imbeciles are calling intelligence & compassion insane…we have some serious problems.

Ethical vegan activists are lighthouses shining into the pitch blackness of our detachment to atrocities inflicted upon animals.


Shine on you ‘crazy’ Vegan.


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