Morbid love poems

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Bacon is dead
Pig murdered for you

You’re commodified & wanted
When bought, you will be mine
Then I’ll cook & feed you
To my valentine

My dear
I love you, don’t be mistaken
Some [fried pig flesh] valentine heart bacon

My valentine
You will find
When we sit to dine
Our carnism is both deaf & blind
Calves are cute, but veal heart is divine
Romantic mealtime
On murdered baby cow heart we’ll dine

I love your flesh more than your personal liberty
I love your flesh more than your commodity
I love your flesh more than your suffering
I love your flesh more than the destruction it brings

My addiction for your flesh is true
Valentine roast turkey, I love you

You are my morning breakfast eggs
You are my lunchtime deep fried breast
You are my supper time pan seared legs
And for my dearest, you’re a Valentine’s meal at best

And the roses are still red
And the violets are still blue
Choose a compassionate meal instead
It is the least that you can do

Dig Out Your Soul