Dairy is a murder industry


A baked potato with sour cream?
Of no consequence, it may seem
Take a peek behind the scenes
Dairy is an endless bovine bloodstream
Cruelty extreme
Cow murder supreme
Scream after scream
Each cow used as a milk machine
Ice cream?
A nightmare, not a dream
All dairy, Be it cream or butter
Cows are raped to fill their udders
One after another
They suffer
Each individual, just a number
Please, don’t be a heartless fucker

Dairy industry murders baby cows Dairy industry rapes cows



The dairy industry is a murder industry.
[if you’re a female, know that cows are forcibly raped. Cows carry their babies for the same amount of time you would/did carry your baby. Their babies are kidnapped, & deprived of their lactating mothers milk.]
Calves [not murdered for veal] are fed a soy milk concoction.

Dairy is scary be vegan

All for a dollop of sour cream?

                Open your eyes.

Dairy alternatives?
-hemp milk
-flax milk
-coconut milk
-soy milk
-nut milk [cashew, almond, etc]
-oat milk
-rice milk

          Be kind to mothers & their babies.

Beautiful mother cow and her baby

Be vegan
Dig Out Your Soul