Dairy is a murder industry


A baked potato with sour cream?
Of no consequence, it may seem
Take a peek behind the scenes
Dairy is an endless bovine bloodstream
Cruelty extreme
Cow murder supreme
Scream after scream
Each cow used as a milk machine
Ice cream?
A nightmare, not a dream
All dairy, Be it cream or butter
Cows are raped to fill their udders
One after another
They suffer
Each individual, just a number
Please, don’t be a heartless fucker

Dairy industry murders baby cows Dairy industry rapes cows



The dairy industry is a murder industry.
[if you’re a female, know that cows are forcibly raped. Cows carry their babies for the same amount of time you would/did carry your baby. Their babies are kidnapped, & deprived of their lactating mothers milk.]
Calves [not murdered for veal] are fed a soy milk concoction.

Dairy is scary be vegan

All for a dollop of sour cream?

                Open your eyes.

Dairy alternatives?
-hemp milk
-flax milk
-coconut milk
-soy milk
-nut milk [cashew, almond, etc]
-oat milk
-rice milk

          Be kind to mothers & their babies.

Beautiful mother cow and her baby

Be vegan
Dig Out Your Soul

Vegan Abolitionist Animal activist, AntiSpeciesist, artist, poet, writer, chronic illness fighter

One thought on “Dairy is a murder industry

  1. Thanks for the heartfelt post, Heidi. Describing the stark and the dark is an act of love. Murderers and rapists rely on the biggest lies that money can buy. I think of it as a reverse Pandora’s box that they do not wish you to open, because when you open it a multitude of loving spirits fly out to free all enslaved and condemned animals of their shackles. Truth is the key.

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