Vegan Misanthrope


Vegan, you are far too brutal
The truth you tell, just too cruel
Vegan, you’re so terrible
I find your dialogue disagreeable
Censor the vegan, oh so severe
Muddy the truth, make it unclear
[easier to hear]
Cos I don’t wanna hear!
Vegan mutineer
Oh, Vegan, you are extreme
You, and your Vegan regime
Vegan austere
Throwing your sharp Vegan spear
Vegan domineer
Vegan you are way too rough
You’re incredibly gruff
Vegan tough


What are you defending?

Non-vegans, YOU are merciless
[…human artfulness]

& thus

Those that defend you?

Vegan Abolitionist Animal activist, AntiSpeciesist, artist, poet, writer, chronic illness fighter

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