Our speciesist paradigm has awarded us the ability to speak Dog.
Hasn’t it?
Well, ‘our dog’ mostly….[for some, tho, all dogs]


…’he has to go outside & pee’…
[he told you without words…perhaps he always pushes against you with his nose, then walks toward the door while looking at you over his shoulder]
…’aw, he’s feeling sad today’…
[he told you without words….perhaps every time it rains, he sighs a lot and has low energy, ya know, signs of ‘the blues’]
…‘oh, she’s hungry! Give her some food’….
[she told you without words…maybe she scratched at your leg, or vocalized. Barked, whined?]
…’she is scared of the storm. Put her thundershirt on her’…
[again, she told you without words…perhaps you saw the whites of her eyes, she tries to disappear under the sofa, visibly shaking]

See? Your love of Your dog broke down a language barrier.

Non-human languages are NOT worth less than human languages merely because they are not spoken in French, english, Dutch, Spanish, etc….. Animals excel in being bilinguals! They all learn to speak our spoken languages. [they also all can understand our pheromones, our intent, our unspoken cues]

Keep a pet status animal in mind for the following…[in terms of understanding their demonstration of fear, joy, pain, hunger, etc…] ya know, all the same stuff we [mostly hollow] humans experience.


Any commodity status animal is forcefully, cruelly, & mercilessly prodded down a death chute, the metallic smell of blood hangs heavy in the air.
Their body pumps out adrenaline, they freeze in fear until they are painfully prodded with electricity, again and again.
The screams of the others is deafening to their [much more-so than humans] sensitive ears.

Run a quick search of slaughterhouse footage.
Animals visibly panicked, whites of their eyes showing, fearful, shaking, screaming, shitting & puking…

They plead for their lives… it’s about time you listen. Go vegan, ya filthy human

Tell me how you don’t speak cow, or pig, or…?

Open your eyes.

Smash it!

If you couldn’t stand for this to be done to a dog, then do not stand for it to be done to ANY animal.

Dig Out Your Soul