Right now


In bulging commercial fishing nets
Fishes are dying most gruesome deaths
They’re crushed under the weight of thousands of other fish
Or, agonizing decompression when hauled to the surface
Literally exploding their eyeballs, & internal organs
Leave the fishes
Off your dishes
There’s a multitude of substitutes that are delicious
Plant protein is superbly nutritious

Egg laying hens, commercially
Whether free-Range, organic, or battery
All begin their crap lives in a hatchery
All those hens are de-beaked
In meager wire cages, they’re stuffed & heaped
Or, cramped in a dark warehouse on shit coated concrete
The hens are murdered when they’re only 2!
There’s many alternatives, it’s true
Tempeh, seitan, lentils, tofu…
…just to name a few
[Are you pro chicken torture?]
You make that choice, it’s up to

Beef cows are murdered the same year they are born
A massacre of beings treated like fields of corn
Dairy cows repeatedly, forcibly impregnated
To produce more, & more milk they’re slated
Their poor, wrecked bodies, overused, & fated
Murdered after 5 years, their corpses mutilated
Sold as cheap beef, they’re refrigerated
A 99¢ fast food menu item; completed
Leather a profitable product of the murder industry
Cow skin is big money
So, where’s your empathy?

Forcibly, repeatedly impregnated sows for breeding
Severely confined, their sorrow filled eyes pleading
Their soft skin covered in scars, cut & bleeding
The humane myth is more than misleading
Consumers swallow lies advertisers are feeding
Abused pig corpse parts is what you’re eating
Pigs suffering physically, & mentally
Pork industry?
Advertising venally
The truth you won’t ever see
Unless you peer behind the veil, like me
Be vegan! Cruelty free!
Your dollar casts a vote…. complicity?
Don’t fund such misery
Eating animals isn’t necessity

We humans victimize 900 million mammals, birds, & 100s of millions of fish
Just for the products of their bodies, just for the taste of their dead flesh

Each individual that adopts a plant based diet saves up to 95 animals a year….
As a vegan activist, you save even more animals…
~Ripple effect~

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