Corpse Belly


Who is on your plate?
Someone’s mother
Someone’s brother
Who do you pierce with your fork?
A sister
A father
Someone who feared death
Murdered, & took their last breath
You’re eating broken families
Arguing animals grow like trees
…cut them down, when they’re tall
Cos you want to eat them all
You demand flesh
Flesh means death
Behold, your disinterest
You don’t see
A she, nor he
An actual being, like you, & me
[unlike you, we have empathy]
You’re rife with casual apathy
Paying for casualties
Living life blankly
Turning away emotionlessly
Responding ‘whatever’, randomly
Full corpse belly
Flesh & bone cemetery
Human indifference
Replace with reverence
Shit for brains
Zombie menace

Be vegan


Got it?

Dig Out Your Soul