Because you craved a diminutive dream
For what was so seemingly extraordinary
Especially for you
You awarded it with a false ideal of
And, you now know that forever isn’t any more true
For a rock, or an ocean, or, you
Especially, you
[when change comes, breathing new life, beautiful estuaries replace barren slopes]
Yet, deep inside the comforts of static
You held a glimmer of hope in your hands
A glimmer that turned into a sun
Which burned too hot to touch
You had to let it go
But that sun didn’t generate its own energy,
It didn’t burn from within its core
And that, especially for you,
Is why it now no longer shines
Forever is too long for anything
Especially, for you

Be the sky, not the mountain
Be everything, not one thing
Be all encompassing, not fixed

All of the times you have been afraid of floating
…of movement
…of change
Now know, this is where you belong
This is where Fire can burn brighter than any sun
Especially for you