BBQ season

Repulsive animal eating
Bovine burning
Fish frying
Swine searing
Chicken charring
Bloodless, dripping
BBQ spread
Bring out the dead
Cooked bodies sandwiched in bread
Mmm, it’s so juicy
>>Animal Cruelty<<
Coals red glowing
Heat emanating
Flames high, fat melting
Dead veins shrinking
Muscle searing
Once soft, hardening
BBQ scene
Double chins sheen
Fat fingers, grubby, gleam
Slick with animal fat glistening
Fire up the hibachi
Flame roasting somebody
Slather that cooking body
With teriyaki
Table cloth Death Valley
Ain’t that right up your alley?
Molars grind flesh, nasty
Cold detachment finale
Ring the BBQ dinner bell
Grave plates dot red & white checkered hell
Death permeating
Foul smelling
Smoke billowing
Cholesterol levels, Mount Everest peak…
Maximum density breached
Extreme indifference to non-human life reached
Mr. Dahmer used the same argument, kids…
Go Vegan, ya filthy human.
Realize utter obscenity.
Dig Out Your Soul