What have I been doing with my bad self? What has been going on in heidiville?

Not blogging! But, now I’m back.
[…guess who’s back, back again…]
I got another tattoo.
In the sweltering, swamp-ass heat of this summer in Vermont…Yeah…
13 is meaningful to me…so, for the 14th tat, I got 13 corvids flying.
12 crow, 1 raven, & a single black feather.
Minutes after artist Sara finished gracing me with her ink.
All of my previous tattoos were done by the same artist. I am loyal like that.
Now, this new [to me] artist I have chosen [Sara] is stuck with me throughout her career.
I had looked around nearby New York, New Hampshire, and even Maine.
Then, one image in particular drew me…then, one tattoo picture led to another, and voila!
I immediately contacted Luminary Ink in St. Albans, Vermont.
That parlor houses some serious artists. Wow.
Very relaxed & groovy atmosphere, the shops decor is a visually delicious feast for your eyes.
The result? Couldn’t be happier unless I were twins.
Minutes after I peeled the protective film thingy off, & cleaned it.
 Truly, the fastest healing tattoo EVER!
The inky-peely stage was Uber quick to end.
Crazy eyed tattoo enthusiast.

…and, yeah…I ain’t one for plastering selfies, so, pardon…

P.S. I got a few poems cooking….back [full force] to ARA.