30 day vegan challenge

Week one

My month of hell hath begun
OMFG.  What have I done?
A Big Mac here, a Hot Dog there….give me a gun!
[not sure I can make it in the long run]
There’s simply nothing for me to eat! Food? None!
Sigh… look at all the meat ‘n cheese being eaten by everyone
Deep dish, extra cheese pepperoni pizza….I’ll be undone!
My cravings are intense! I’ll eat an egg outta a chickens ass for fun!
Week 2
…omfg…being vegan is nothing I should have to go through
I ain’t some bunny-hugging, tofu-thumping extremist guru
The break room they were discussing BBQ… [wtf am I gonna do?]
I miss my lunchtime ham ‘n cheese sandwich tried & true
I miss grinding my molars on fibrous tissue
I’m starving, and have no energy, too.
I feel like total shit because of vegan, it’s true.
It’s only the second week… how the hell will I pull through?
Week 3
OK, so I’d forgotten about bananas, spinach, nuts, & zucchini
…it’s like they weren’t even really ‘foods’ to me
I now freshly prepare my own meals regularly
And, I’m shitting like a gold-medalist shitter daily
And, my skin cleared right up, & is no longer oily
And, my energy came back, & goddamn doubled, admittedly
I suppose, my body was just adjusting accordingly
I have literally never felt better, physically
[ok, ok, so I came into this ‘vegan for 30 days’ challenge thing rigidly]
Week 4
Before vegan for a month I shopped in the frozen section of the grocery store
Before vegan for a month I had no idea what a goddamn eggplant was for
Weight loss, healthy skin, abundant energy- what more could you ask for??
…..going out to eat with my friends….that’s what more I could ask for
So, for me, no vegan encore
Instead, I’ll pay for gore
I’ll ignore
Cos, like my friends-
I am a carnivore
30 days not eating corpses is a challenge?
Be Vegan
Dig Out Your Soul