non compos mentis

Absurd to think of milking a kitty
Yet, gulp down milk from a bovine titty
Stealing food from newborns is shitty
Go snatch milk from a lactating hippo
All milk is mother’s milk, ya know
Ew…& uh-oh
You drink hippo milk? Fucking weirdo!
You won’t wear fur
Declaration? …convoluted slur
Those lines you utter… they blur
How? When?
Well, to begin;
You wear skin
…crocodile skin
Why not a jacket made of human foreskin?
Fashion forward win!
Horror! Hiss! Sin!
Didn’t that put you into a tailspin!
You would never eat a horse!
Only pig/cow/chicken/fish/turkey main course
You could never, ever imagine eating a dog!
Char/bake/broil/grill/sear, & glaze flesh of a hog
>Speciesist demagogue< 
Be vegan
Dig Out Your Soul 
Go vegan, ya filthy human.
Ain’t no such thing as ‘cruelish’.
Think about it.