Serial killing season

In order for an individual to be defined as a serial killer, they must satisfy the following criteria;


-they have murdered a minimum of 3 beings (not simultaneously)


-there must be a period of time in between the murders

-the circumstances of each murder should indicate that the killer felt a sense of dominance over the being they had killed.

-victims must possess a characteristic which makes them vulnerable indicating that the killer sought to achieve a feeling of superiority.

PS- Many experts agree that serial killers have a vision in mind of their victim. This being would be thought of as their “ideal victim” based on gender, physical characteristics, or some other specific quality.

PPS- It is rarely possible for the killers to find beings who meet the exact qualifications, so they generally seek out those with similar traits.
















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One thought on “Serial killing season

  1. Hi Hyde, They like to use the word “harvest” a lot, fits in with the whole November onslaughter. Quality Deer Management is another term used to add a little science to good “sportsmanship.” How many does can I harvest? Well, how about Quality Human Management?

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