Thanksgiving is traditional

Not to mention cultural

A big dead bird on the dining table
…is it ethical?
Certainly, you can’t call it moral?
Traditions ain’t mandate to follow
Pull your collective heads outta your asses
Break free from the pattern of the masses
Take off your blinders disguised as rose-tinted glasses
It’s time you stop lining the pockets of assassins
Y’all can keep your family gatherings…
You just need alternative offerings
…cos the whole giving thanks by causing suffering…?
Certainly ain’t ‘peace’ you’re fostering
Plates can be filled without turkey blood splattering
Be Vegan
Dig Out Your Soul
Turkeys heads, & throats change color depending on their mood.
Wanna know a turkeys gender? Well, guy turkeys make spiral poop, while gals make ‘J’ shaped turds. TMI?
A turkeys gobble can be heard for up to a mile away.
They’re sentient beings, folks. They form strong social bonds.
They feel fear, joy, love, anger…they’re just like us….except they’re feathered & way better than we are.