Book of the Week: Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? Reflections on the Liberation of Animals

There’s a kill clock
Going tick tock
Cos of ‘natural order’ double talk

Yeah, nature is sooo cruel that we humans decided to industrialize it…

Professional Moron

Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? Reflections on the Liberation of Animals Fight for those rights.

Starting 2019 off with a call to compassionate arms, the global struggle to control climate change and reduce the needless suffering of animals is on the rise. And this is what Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? (2004) is about – the push for animal rights and why the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) takes the approach it does.

Many in the mass media brand the efforts of the ALF as acts of terrorism. But you look at statistics from circa 2013 and we’re talking about the annual slaughter of (in the US alone):

  • 8.5 billion chickens.
  • 32.5 million cattle.
  • 12 million pigs.

Is that acceptable? It’s all in the name of humans enjoying a bite to eat they can’t remember within 48 hours. Well, with the likes of veganism making more headlines, there’s a global push to stop the mindless carnage.

Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?

Although we’ve not…

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