I completely oppose animal cruelty!

I love my steak rare, & juicy

Ban trophy hunting! Hunters are all scumbags!

I love my Prada calfskin pumps, & matching tote bag
I am against all animal abuse!
I love pate, and duck liver mousse
Animal abusers should all be forsaken!
I think everything tastes better with bacon
Animal abusers should all be imprisoned!
I love a beef hoagie with aus jus for dippin’
Anyone that hurts animals is an asshole!
Mmm…I love Baja blackened-chicken rice bowl
Rodeo cowboys are a mean bunch of haters!
The most beautiful leather is from alligators
Animal abusers are nothing but bullies!
Took my family to red lobster to fill up our bellies
If you wear fur, you’re an animal loving faker!
I’m a pork shoulder roast holiday dinner maker
Animal abusers are all horrible sadists!
Bleu cheese angus burger is simply the greatest
Joel mamby doesn’t love whales, he’s a phony!
I love my pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni
Huh? …what in God’s name is a speciesist??
Vegans are so abrasive and their claims are baseless
Vegans have agendas, they’re all just a cult full of liars!
If I had my own thoughts, I’d have to pull them out with pliers…..
Animal eater, you’re complicit
And ain’t got the brain power to question it
You’re cruel to animals, you fucking hypocrite
You pay for animal abuse, your mind is split
You’re so fucking full of shit
You can’t think for yourself, & are hypocritical
Devouring flesh, you’re fucking parasitical
YOU are the scumbag, asshole, liar, faker
YOU are the phony, speciesist, hater

Be Vegan

lnoS ɹno⅄ ʇnO ɓıᗡ

Go vegan, ya filthy human