Vegan you’re a softie

Tender heart n’ squishy 
Eat some steak, don’t be bitchy
Vegan you’re so pushy
Caught in your vegan tizzy
You pig-petting sissy
Vegan pussy
Such a wussy
Lil vegan marshmallow 
Like a cushy body pillow
You bunny hugging bowl of jell-o
Oh the vegans gettin bossy
Calling me a zombie
Cow kissing softie
Oh, Vegan, you lost me
I no listen when you talkie
Vegan, you’re radical 
Your beliefs are laughable 
Your efforts fallible 
Being vegan is so damn unnatural 
I’ll say again so it’s understandable 
I like eating the bodies of dead animals
Hey…who doesn’t love an easy to demolish non-vegan straw man argument?
Wanna hug?
Be Vegan
Dig Out Your Soul