Social justice warriors nowadays

Airing their opinions, & then paraphrase
Them and their tree-hugging mores
If I post about a rack of lamb, they dispraise
Veganism is just a phase
We evolved eating meat, ate it always
Seriously- I read their shit & my eyes glaze
Does it bother me? Nah, doesn’t phase
Animals are food; they graze
They’re killed, & we set their flesh ablaze
Slap it between bread with some mayonnaise
Now, this trendy vegan craze
They’re at the ready with their cliches
I’ll tell you- it pays
to always
From their ‘animal cruelty’ hearsay
The vegans tell me, they say-
I should ‘breakaway’
I should ‘disobey’
Oh, Vegan, really?
As if the vegan way
is the right of way
Saying I’m wrong in my day-to-day
They try and lead me astray
Tell me to ‘rethink’ my holiday
Like my meal for Easter Day!
Like, I can’t eat lamb on Palm Sunday?!
Oh, Vegan, go away
Fuck you, everyday
You Vegan castaway
I’ll eat what I want anyway
Having independent thought is so passé
I’m a compassionless moron you cannot sway.


Be Vegan

Dig Out Your Soul