I’m never offered anything tenderly
And, most certainly…
I’ll never feel any golden yeary
Cos my body parts are cooked with celery
You char my flesh crispy


Oh, most definitely
Before you cook, & eat me….
I’m treated abhorrently
My plush fur is always filthy
I’m pumped with drugs, so I’m not sickly
I could age into my 20s
But, chronologically
I’m killed quickly
You murder me
But, hey…I’m rarely skinny…
Should that fact, alone, make me giddy?
Don’t you care? Even an itty bitty?
Oh, humans, you’re so shifty
You eat death, I mean…really
You’re undeserving of any…
A species intrinsically
You making a compassionate choice is pretty
Fucking iffy
And you’ve options, speaking strictly
You still choose death, oh so gristly
There’s the nitty gritty
be vegan dig out your soul
All their unlife they’re controlled
From birth, to unnatural death, Hell enfold
Look, you pack of hollow bastards;
Cattle are not allowed to grow naturally into their golden years. [Most never able to remotely mature to adult.]
Cattle used for beef are murdered at 18 months old, & dairy cows are murdered by the age of 4. A far cry from their natural lifespan of 20+ years.
How do you justify funding their torture, & death?
Do ya call it humane?
That’s a bullshit campaign.
Do you boast they’re grass fed?
Well, asshead…they still wind up dead.
Do you buy local, & sustainable?
An excuse for cruelty ain’t credible.
Maybe you claim organic?
Happily dogmatic.
If you eat animals, you’re devolved, & devoid of compassion.
You’ve diluted yourself into believing every bullshit blanket lie intricately woven to keep you complacent…or, maybe you willfully embrace the bloodied hands of complicity.
Either way——-> fuck you.
I’d have told you to go to Hell, but, we are already there in this medieval hellhole.
We are NOT inherently good. Laws must exist, and continue to progress because when we are left to our own devices, our vile-to-the-core selves prove our wretchedness….time and time again.
We are cruel to the max when it comes to the most vulnerable. […let’s blast the brains outta this docile bovine…]
Be Vegan
Dig Out Your Soul