A honey badger killed a robin, and is now serving life

A raccoon got drunk, & violently assaulted his raccoon-wife
A pig committed an armed robbery & is still on the run
A gang of blue jays shot & killed a mockingbird with a stolen gun
Two skunks beat up a hole-less garden snake while they were high
A pony broke up with her pony-friend & he threw battery acid in her eye
A hummingbird scammed hundreds of field mice out of their life savings
A star nosed mole used a car wash as a front for kitten sex trafficking
Heifer in a 5 hour standoff with county police department
Bearded dragon caught embezzling to pay off his gambling debt
Senator Mallard caught cheating on hen with prostitutes paid with tax money
A pelican dies in fatal stabbing attack by a bloodthirsty monkey
Great white shark selling methadone- charged with possession
Chipmunk found vandalizing park, carrying a concealed weapon
11 polar bears caught in a mass drug smuggling ring…
…this after an owl orchestrated an elaborate undercover sting
A caterpillar was found with a huge amount of pupae pornography
Tiger disqualified from Serengeti Open! Used performance enhancing drugs, allegedly
A squid arrested with ties to massage parlor prostitution
Mother pigeon DUI; pulled over with chicks in her station wagon
Crow charged with sex chatting with a minor
Mountain lion sentenced- committed arson, with a prior
Raven caught on camera abusing an eel
Elephant investigated after high speed chase in stolen automobile
Celebrity hippo accused of raping several young hippos over the years
Mongoose shoots rabbit, then cuts off her ears
Sister antelopes arrested for defrauding an elderly walrus in their care
A whitetail deer pleads innocent on simple assault on a panda bear
These are real [recent] headlines compliments of precious [barf] humans…just pulled a species switcheroo.
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