Please help


I recently caught wind of a new device for people with mobility issues. As you know, I have multiple sclerosis, and use mobility devices [canes, wheelchair, walls, arms…etc]
It has handles, a seat, but no pedals…perfecto!
I really want this device- it’s called the Alinker walking bike.
It would be an incredible tool for me! I have limited usage of my legs, but with the Alinker, my body would be supported!
Canes are not a perfect fit for me, as I have balance issues. [literally feels like a heavy pendulum swings freely inside of me]
And my legs? They’re weak.
This Alinker walking bike will be the shit! The mobility it would give my legs is something a wheelchair never will…because, sitting in a chair, my legs are just still. I lose muscle all of the time. It’s difficult to keep any whilst sitting with muscles unused and wasting away. This bike would keep my legs moving. Movement is so important for MS. I deal with a lot of spasticity, and movement is a great help.
Also, and this is epic, it will enable me to be eye-level! No ass level view while ‘walking’ on a nature trail!
So, if you are able to, please donate what you can to help me fund the purchase of an Alinker walking bike.
If you are unable to spare any cold hard cash, please share my campaign.
Much obliged
Me sitting on a nature trail with Mr. Rommel Dog.
And, as always, Be Vegan