Nimrod unjustifiable

Nimrod cruel

Gut-pile addict

Whack n’ stack rule

The good hunter?
The bad hunter?
A good HUNTING ACCIDENT, mother fucker
Fuck the hunters
Hunt the hunters
Be gone, apologists
With bullshit posit
Depravity bottomless
Pandering to primordial practices
Vile animal killing blackness
Oooooh, celebrate!
The good hunter;
Is a total dog lover…
[animal killer]
They’re a nature lover…
[animal killer]
Environmental respecter
[animal killer]
Oooooh, lament!
The bad hunter;
A dog disregarder…
[animal killer]
A natural world destroyer…
[animal killer]
Earth plunderer…
[animal killer]
B-b-b-but the good hunter is jus’ feedin’ their family…
N’ the good hunter helps keep animal populations healthy…
Da good huntah is so strong an manly
Good hunter——— oxymoron, fucking really.
The only good hunter is a defunct hunter, actually
                                …ain’t no tragedy….
The average person lives in oblivion to the suffering of animals. Pretty safe bet, if they are aware of animal suffering, they slap blinders on themselves, & jam their ear holes full of bacon cheeseburgers & French fries. People can’t handle the horror filled truth about farming animals. They don’t wanna know, don’t wanna see, don’t wanna hear.
Lucky for them, they’re spared the blood splatter screams white-eyed bulging terror before kick kick conveyor belt plastic wrapped display cooler showcase ruby red dead…and, oh don’t them halogens shine shine shiny on that taught cellophane.
Slab O’ cadaver 
Big ole slice of dead body meat.
Yeah, lucky for them.
They cause blood geysers. Life’s blood gushing from a bullet arrow packed powder flight flight blood trail wounded
Yeah, lucky for them, they love the thrill of it all.
They’re killers that pay for a license to kill & sate their bloodlust, then transport the fresh body of their victim home…to their kitchen counter top conveyor garage shed meat production line.
Fuck You, hunter.
And, fuck you enabler, for defending dirty hunter deeds.
Good or Bad…the core values are uniform.
Be Vegan
Dig Out Your Soul