The cold steel merciless 

Narrow chute shadow malicious 
Bullied in the dark nefarious 
Crammed; all of us
On trucks, fated for dishes
Shiny, sharp silver shiv
Sinks in deep, no, I won’t live…
My eyes widen in the throes
The finest merlot streaming from my nose
Drip drip drops fall like petals of rose
Lifeblood washed away with a hose
My yawning throat outpouring 
Suspended swinging
I watch it run
Unfocused eyes
My slowing arteria
As my body dies
An active efflux of berries, apples, cherries…
A bubbling surge of garnets, a spurt of rubies…
A cascading bouquet of Hibiscus, & poinsettia
…a bursting field of poppies
Grab the hose, wash it away
Grab a hose, spray it away
My crimson fades away
The red slowly disappears
Down the drain
Be Vegan
Dig Out Your Soul