Real inhuman


I eat meat like a caveman

Like a modern man
I’m a mans man
I’m a ladies man
I’m a meat eating man
Man eat meat, man
I’m a family man
From a meat eating clan
My big daddy Dan
He’s a fisherman
He kills and eats like a caveman
Same diet since fire began
My big momma Anne
Said eatin meat scares away the bogeyman
And I eat meat cos I’m a man
I drink milk and wear a milk mustache like only a man can
I don’t eat rabbit food cos I’m a man
My food poops on your food you weak ass vegan
I don’t give damn
I eat meat cos I can
I’m a breast man
I’m a thigh man
I’m top of the food chain ★HUMAN★
And all other animals are ☞LESS THAN☜
Weak argument to troll a vegan
Look at them man tits, man
Look at that barrel belly, man
You so hairy could braid your back hair, man
Gonna get you a heart attack like a real man
You got High cholesterol like a real man
You eat so much meat your dick don’t work, man
E.D.? Yeah, look at that limp prick flaccid meat man
You gonna get yourself a real disease like a real man
….so, ‘real men’ follow rules? 
I’m a real ⒶVEGANⒶ
I ain’t bullied by society, man
Tradition ain’t my thang, man
I don’t need social permission, man
I won’t pay others to kill, man
You’re so banal, man
Inhuman is the new human
Go vegan
If you eat meat you accept 
it represents
Hey, troll-
Fuck you.
Go vegan.