Carl is a contemptuous cunt claiming he is a carnivore.

Carl the, so called, carnivore consistently chewed chunks of, certain, cooked creatures. Carl consumed chopped up chickens, cow milk & bovine corpse CHEESEBURGERzzzz…Carl loved chomping on chops, chorizo, catfish, corned beef, cheddar, cider braised cutlets, & slow cooked lamb curry. et cetera et cetera
Isn’t it crystal clear that Carl’s concept of both carnivores and cohabitation are convoluted?
Christ…come on.
At Carl’s core he’s a caveman. A coiffed, coddled, cellphone carrying, clothed caveman.
Crap. Cracked. Crud. Criminal.
Crappy Carl was chewing on chicken chow mein when CNN ceased everything to cover COVID-19. Coronavirus coverage consumed every channel. Carl conjectured coronavirus was a complexly, coiled charade. Ca-ca. Until Carl coughed his contagious corona cough.
Cocksucker, Carl cried.
Carl the contaminated, so called, carnivore chastised China! China’s the culprit! China chewed on chunks of contagion covered corpses. Carl condemned chinas culture cos of their choice of corpse to chew on.
Carl cursed China for such crude customs of consuming creatures Carl, and Carl’s country, would never consume. Curious carrion carrying COVID-19! Carl could certainly chow down a cow, but couldn’t comprehend chewing on a civet! CRAZY! China’s customs are cruel cried Carl! Chewing on civets is NOT correct! Chewing chunks of cow is considered copacetic!
Carl coughed… channel after channel circulated case after case of coronavirus confirmed. Cease congregating, converging, crowding, concentrating.
Carl coughed…cough, cough. Carl caught the covid by chance!
…Carl caught sight of a conundrum…
…Carl made a creature comparison….
Contemplation cut in on Carl’s convictions…
Carl was crushed as chaos coursed through center of his cranium.
Carl’s customs & comfort changed cos of COVID-19.
Carl changed.

Carl considered his crooked and criminal concept canceled out his compassion.

The global contagion coronavirus changed Carl.

Carl thought …[cough] …all creatures, collectively [including Carl], are closely connected.

You’re able to justify anything if you want to…
….what difference does it matter?
Do NOT congregate
Commodified creatures cramped, chock-full, constricted, confined, compact, clogged, choked, congested, crowded, crushed, chockablock, & crammed nose to ass in cement containers.
Stay 6’ away from others
They have no choice but to shit upon, and be shat on, by one another.
They eat, sleep, & drink [if they’re lucky] in shit, blood, piss, puss, and are chock full of illness.
A habitat of virus…infections…
They get loaded with antibiotics, hormones, Prozac….then, they’re fucking murdered.
…cos you wanna chew on their corpses.
Be Vegan
Dig Out Your Soul