Muderhouses…chop shops..butcher block…

Bolt stunner
Skull crusher
Brain matter
Blood splatter
Chained to a rafter
The belly ripper
The tail cutter
The hide puller
They fill your platter
They don’t matter
It’s meat you’re after
Animal segment dinner
Blood varnishes the steel chute cerise
Flesh separated from head, tail, feet
Mutilated until their heart beats cease
They are dying, piece by piece 
But you’re blind
Meat paradox find
Your denial of mind
It’s you I malign
Dying to be eaten

All animals, ‘cept for human
Western Vs eastern tradition
Categorically; to be, or not be, eaten
They all take a beatin
They’re all denied their freedom
Your appetite is the reason
Go vegan
Be Vegan you pathetic wastrel

Be Vegan

อརg ๑ມ₮ ƴ๑ມཞ ຮ๑ມʆ