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Don’t be hollow & continually pursue a
constant distraction from life’s deeper
concerns. #DigOutYourSoul
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Like grotesque laundry hanging from a clothesline
One after another, their bodies drip red

This is the reality-
hidden in the bowels of society,
 to keep you safe from unpleasantries.
#DigOutYourSoul #Vegan

A society that views nonhumans as objects
means society shares some traits of
a psychopath. #DigOutYourSoul

All of our legal, economic, & cultural paradigms
render animals even more vulnerable than
they already are.
#Vegan #DigOutYourSoul

The definition of “Humane” includes compassion & mercy.
Having one’s throat involuntarily slit is anything but.
Ergo, humane slaughter is an oxymoron #vegan

Eating animal products is exercising a choice,
yet the repercussions extend way beyond
the individual.
GO #vegan #DigOutYourSoul

Illusions are phenomenon where our
subjective perception doesn’t match the
physical reality.

Refuse to participate in #AnimalCruelty
GO #vegan
Civil disobedience for a compassionate world!

Cannibalism, rape, slavery, & murder. Unsavory traditions that are also a part of our human

Be Vegan

อརg ๑₮ ƴ๑ມཞ ມʆ