Ethically Challenged

I ain’t real short

I’m average, not tall
But, my dick is veritably small
My microscopic nuts- the size of a golf ball
I gotta COMPENSATE, all in all…
..can’t just drown my pencil-dicked sorrow in alcohol..
So, I got me a prodigious gun, to kill & maul
Making animal blood flow like a waterfall
Pew-pew-pew, I shoot, & down they fall
What’s my devoid of soul, limp dick protocol?
Bang-Boom-rat-a-tat KILL EM ALL
A bloody, murder-fest free-for-all
My brutal killing of animals…totally LEGAL
Gonna Mount that bucks head on my wall
I’ll tell my hunter friends about it in hunter drawl
Gives me a tingle in my puny cock & balls
….despite the animal that I just blasted
My lil pecker is still half-masted
Erectile-dysfunction- half hard/half flaccid
But, i got this gun so massive
For big, strong alpha me
Hunting season makes me happy
Getting food for my family
You see?
Gunning down animals gets me horny
Going on a camo prancing murder spree
Rock hard camaraderie
Hunting harem filled with glee
It’ll breathe life back into my oh-so-puny
teenie weenie
[size of a flea]
I’ll climb on up, ‘n hide in a tree
I’ll sit, & watch, wait, & see
For hapless animals foraging, carefree
They don’t expect big, strong alpha me
Or my impressive, deadly weaponry
Big racked buck coming, oh what a sight to see
Dang, it’s increasing my dick size….temporarily
Ooooh, the crotch of my cargos is getting weighty
This buck is a deadbolt, & I’m the fucking key!
Gonna open him up, ‘n that ain’t hyperbole!
We are not the only species that needs protection from predators.
The reptilian brain does not know empathy.
Instead, during the evaluation process in the early part of our brain, it thinks-
Do I eat it?
Do I fuck it?
Do I run from it?
Do I fight it?
Or, do I kill it?
Empathy exists in the higher, more recently evolved parts of our brain— the parts you think of as “You.” 
This is also the part of the brain that appreciates art, relationships, work, spirituality, and long term goals; including diet, & exercise.
Any vegan can eat meat, eggs, and fish. Any vegan can kill a fly, a deer, a dog, a human. Any vegan can drink milk from another species. All vegans choose not to. All vegans deny indoctrinated habits, and impulse.
Hunting is not a necessary evil. It is a deplorable act, and for most, perverse pleasure is garnered.
To chase, & kill a tired, & terrified animal that ran for their life is pure cowardice.
There is zero conservation in killing animals.
There is zero nobility in killing animals.
There is zero bravery in killing animals.
There is zero place for killing animals in a civilized society.
The general consensus amongst the anti-hunting lot, is that hunters have diminutive peckers.
Me have small cock, me carry big gun mentality…over compensating,…etc.
I abhor hunting.
I hold hunters a half notch above non-vegans.
Cos they, at the very least, do the dirty work themselves.
So, a tad less hypocritical…but just as big of liars.
Hunt The Hunters
Be Vegan
ya filthy human
𝓓𝓲𝓰 𝓞𝓾𝓽 𝓨𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓢𝓸𝓾𝓵