Plea for empathy


8 hour shift of carnage 
It ain’t murder, it’s the ‘harvest’
Swine skull crack- right on target
Makin’ bacon for your stomach
From your plate, down your gullet 
Making it way down to your toilet
Likewise, plates scraped into a garbage 
Porcelain clean, free from pig carcass 
Oooh, the faint scent of garlic
Punch the clock for more mayhem
Gotta feed the monsters ham
Bring down the hammer- BAM!
Swing that maul hard as I can
Piggy squirms like a worm in a can
I’m a slaughterhouse worker
The bogeyman 
Hell yeah, my hammer can’t be beat!
This Fucker is a real death dealing treat!
Heavy enough to fracture concrete!
I use it to turn pigs into meat…
Ain’t that neat?
‘Sledgehammer’ etymology
Derivation means ‘strike violently’
Used to break through masonry
And, frightfully…
Our diet dynasty…
We use it to smash skulls of piggies
Bone splintering, pigs lay bloodily
The bodies, crimson, lifelessly

Be Vegan

Dig out your soul