86 #wolves obliterated in #montana

Understand the psychology behind killing animals.
Take a quick meander through the diabolical discourse of hunter to hunter (wanna be, novice, seasoned, serial).
Look at the language that they use.
Fudd speak contains doublespeak…
Fudd speak is pro violence, & empathy bereft.
Deep seeded hatred for the predator species they obliterated.
The proclaimed satisfaction from being ‘one with nature’.
Only the nasty antisocial types say ‘killed’…
Most employ ‘harvest’, ‘collected’, ‘dispatched’….
Now, take a good long look at their smiles.
Did killing another sentient being give them pleasure?
Sure as hell looks like it, yeah.
Apex…ahaha…with a high powered weapon.
Dark triad, folks.
The love of draining the life’s blood of another being.
Again, understand the psychology behind killing animals.