Your options
Mix and match cadaver & secretions
Maybe even slather the bread in lactations
Sandwich menu ad nauseam
Flesh, milk, & egg selections

The verdict
Black Forest ham is perfect
But pastrami? You prefer it
Oh, compassion, you subvert it
Maybe the turkey breast will be worth it
It’s your goddamn sandwich, you’ll have what you want on it!

Make your decision
With societal supervision
Dictated by ads on your television
USDA allows decomposition
As a staple Provision

The choice is yours
Flesh sponsors a one sided species war
Buy some flesh, and eat it outdoors
A perfect picnic course
While you masticate on muscle, ignore the horrors

Yet, there is
A superlative
Vegan is informative
Morally reformative

Whatcha putting between your bread?
Pieces of animals, sliced & dead?
A compassionate meal, or more bloodshed?
See it for what it is, aforesaid
Eat some fückîng plants instead!

Total Liberation

Dig Out Your Soul