The day

Imagine the day began like any other day.
Then, the masters opened the door to your cell.
The masters usher you outside…the sunshine feels nice against your skin. It is bright, and warm.
The masters gather around you…
There was nowhere for you to escape to, anyhow.
Nowhere to flee, nor hide.
So you stand still, not knowing what is expected of you.
Uncertain as to what is going to happen.
One of the masters approaches you.
You’re curious as your eye is caught by the shining thing in his hand.
You blink, tilting your head, while curiously inhaling the fresh air that is filled with new smells.
The master takes a quick step, he roughly grabs behind your shoulder, you squeal, immediately afraid.
You feel a deep searing pain in your throat, then, you watch the master stand, and take a step back.
The shiny thing in his hand is now crimson.
Your ass hits the wet cement, as your life’s blood pours from the new gashing hole in your throat.
The masters circle around, watching you, as you slowly bleed to death.

Total Liberation

Dig Out Your Soul