This society is sick, & fosters ignorance in the masses.
When you’re born & raised in such a speciesist society, the majority of folk never realize that society is sick…& that they play an active part in, & of the sickness.
What does it really mean to live a non-vegan life?
It means brainwashed.
Indoctrinated at a very young age.
Brainwashing for over a decade via schooling….FFA, lunch lines, 4H, egg ‘baby’, home ec, etc…
To compete with others for the rest of your life in work, relationships, vehicles, family, vacations, trends, etc…
To consume products without end because advertisers use psychological methods to convinced you to.
You show blind allegiance to animal products as food…
All the while you unconsciously destroy the planet you inhabit…
You slowly poison your mind & body with desensitization to suffering & disease-causing food….
You obey the ‘rules’ of your conditioned diet….
You blindly believe speciesist law that have been forced upon you by the masters since your birth.
You’re utterly unaware, & enjoy blissful ignorance.
When you learn of the carnage you fund, you adopt a casual disregard that you’re causing suffering, while living in suffering…….and you do NOTHING about it.
No evolution for you!
It is time you carve out a moment & THINK.
You need to take responsibility….
You need to admit your complicity….
You need to STOP eating animals!
You gotta realize that non-vegan living is sick, & unethical.
You need to understand WHY it is accepted by nearly everyone as being ‘normal’…?
Normalcy is rewarded by society.
Take a meander through humans rich history of once ‘normalized’ lives….now, tell me you wanna remain ‘normal’, and, on the oppressors side.
Tell me you want to continue to be servile to the masters by remaining a dietary slave.
Non-vegans are considered to be normal & sane…
Vegans are fighting to create a society that is free from isms….

Always remember to never forget that vegans are ridiculed for caring about other animals intrinsic value, & right to their lives.
Vegans are labeled crazy.

Total Liberation

Dig Out Your Soul