Shit talkers

The non & anti vegan doesn’t care if what they’re say is true, or false.
All they care about is whether their audience is persuaded to take their stance….
They need others to believe the shit they spew.
Producing anti-vegan tripe requires NO knowledge of the truth, and rarely acknowledges any truth.
Both intentionally avoid the truth.

Vegans tell the truth while providing images of the truth.

Each & every non/anti-vegan argument is messy unrefined doublespeak.
They parrot the same shit….
Day in, day out….

Excrement is NOT designed, or carefully crafted at all, folks….
Shit is merely purged, emitted, & dumped out of the asshóle.

The turd may have a coherent ‘shape’, somewhat reminiscent of something familiar, or it may not.

Still, in each & every case….shit is shit.

Be Vegan

Dig Out Your Soul