You want to break free

Your projected anger towards vegans has been gnawing at you for a very long time.
You find yourself venomously defending animal cruelty.
You find yourself equating corn and wheat to your own species, to justify killing other animal species.
Your adherence to indoctrinated beliefs is nothing more than the human machine running to the tune played by the masters, & hummed by their servants.

Eat that juicy steaki!
Wear that leather jacket!
Buy 12 wings, get 6 free!

You learned all this when you were a toddler…your young, cotton brains absorbed the conforming tutelage like gauze absorbs blood.
You’re entrenched…& the free vegans are a constant reminder of your own oppression.

(Either that, or you’re just another addict, and as long as you get your doublecheeseburgerbacontopped fix, you don’t have a fuck to give.
Dopamine….that’s all for you pleasure seeker.)

Back to your entrenchment….

Your long established, deeply rooted, fixed beliefs were planted.
Your claim of personal choice, is fallacious…it’s the choice you were brainwashed into believing was actually your own.
It wasn’t your choice.
You were taught to eat dead things…to feed off corpses, body parts, vital organs.
You were conditioned to gorge on necrotic flesh that was fried for you.
You were lulled to eat bits of bird corpse deep fried in bell, & boot shapes.

And the vegans….oh, they anger you with their forward, & free thinking.

Here’s the root of the root-
You can live more peaceably, with free thought, and you don’t have to pay someone to kill anyone for you.
You can break away from the masters, and your servile role of never questioning the system that produced you.
If you want this, then you should trust your conscience because it’s right.
And although admitting you want this will be the most difficult thing for you, it is worth it.
For all beings.
And, hey, what is the point of living otherwise?
Just serving the masters?
Not rocking the boat of oppression?
Not taking a stand to fight for the liberation of the worlds most oppressed beings since the dawn of time?

Will you continue on in a servile oppressor role, just because others told you that’s how you are supposed to live?
Or, will you distance yourself from the ad nauseam of the oppressive/oppressed/brainwashed herd & follow your own mind?

Total Liberation

Dig Out Your Soul