The new vegan cannot understand how blind that they were, & how painfully obvious and clear the truth becomes.
The rodeo crowds cannot believe how the events that injure & kill animals are considered animal cruelty by most non vegans.
The species biased necrovore is outraged at eastern countries for farming, killing & consuming dogs and cats while they defend their standard American diet culture to eat a pork roast.
Fur and skin wearers might get upset when they find out that dogs & cats skin/fur is used as trim on hats, gloves, hoodies, slippers, etc.
Tho, some remain wholly indifferent.
The vegetarian cannot quite grasp, or be willing to admit, that dairy & egg production is cruel industrial farming despite teeming evidence to the contrary.

Our fraught relationship with animals.

And, oh…..we fill our babies/children’s rooms with stuffed animals that they love, sleep with, name, and mourn (when lost or damaged). Children’s books chock full of animals and animal characters which teach our children valuable life lessons & morals.
We were taught by animals too.
Aesop…the little white cat…the cat in the hat…the 3 bears…3 billy goats…charlottes web…Ferdinand the bull…everybody poops…etc (mostly etc)

Children from rural dwelling parents love their ponies & their 4-h calves. They brush them, kiss them, hug them, regard them, name them, take photos of them…they love them.
And, then children grow up.

We make jokes about eating animals.
We ignore or are oblivious, or apathetic to their suffering.
We mock and attack those that fight for the liberation of animals.

Where did the regard for the life of other animals go?
Has marketing and society beat the empathy out of us?
Have we just ascribed, en masse, to a societally accepted pathology?
A corpse eating tradition.

I am an Antispeciesist…I advocate for all animals, tho, I am, admittedly, nepotistic when it comes to ‘farmed’ animals.
They are enslaved, imprisoned, raped, abused, eaten, mocked, exploited, worn, sold, isolated, beaten, murdered, forgotten, unseen, ignored….by the billions….
Their skin is turned into shoes, jackets, jewelry, luggage, bags, journals, sofas, hats, auto interior, gloves, equine tack (horses strapped with cow skin).
Their secretions are stolen from their babies, and their babies (born from rape) are stolen from them….killed for veal, cheap beef, pet food, or cycled back into the dairy industry.
Their calves milk is churned into butter, pasteurized into milk, cream, yogurt, cheeses…flavoring potatoes chips, ingredients in candy bars…so hideous…insidious…

Children have a frog, a tiger, & a bee selling them cereals.
Adults have jaguars, mustangs, & rams selling them automobiles.

BBQ’s usually have a happy, smiling pig donning a chef hat and apron.
A happy chicken uses their wing feathers to give us a ‘thumbs up’ to encourage us to gobble down their deep fried, battered body parts.

Everywhere we look- Animals are used in marketing
To market us their-

What the fuck is wrong with us?

We are obsessed.
We cage-keep-confine.
…consume them with our mouths, our eyes, our egos.
We are aware of their sentience, intelligence, their familial bonds, their social needs, their altruism……

Ever seen a rampaging rhino save an antelope from a crocodile attack?
Google it.
Or, a dolphin that after boaters threw a fish to them, the dolphin returned with oysters (to feed the humans= reciprocity).
Google it.
Or, a hippo assist a young struggling zebra to cross a water way?
Google it.
Ever seen zebra fish reciprocal relations? They do favors for one another, and ALWAYS repay the favor.
Google it.
Ever seen a chicken raise a duck and the duckling teach the hen how to feed them?
Google it.
Ever seen a cat nurse a baby squirrel?
Google it.
Ever hear a sow sing to her piglets while they nurse?
Ever seen a family of orca catch fish and feed a disabled member of their pod?
Ever seen a horse run for the joy of it?

Alas……so many irreparably damaged speciesist necrovores

Use your brains

See life
Don’t end lives

Total Liberation

Dig Out Your Soul