End Speciesism

Mass violence, torture, mutilation, castration, Insemination, masturbation, killing, skinning, trafficking, dismembering…….

Animal farming, & animal slaughtering all teeming with documentation of the egregious cruelty inflicted upon animals by oppressors…(surreptitious recording, undercover operatives, facilities monitoring)

The necrovorous apathetic bystanders, demand flesh, skin, entertainment at animals expenses fuels human violence and oppression to other animals.

The masters get wealthier as the demands continue.

End the demand, and the supply will shrivel to nothingness…

It is imperative that an unbiased aperture of the psychological, cultural, political, & societal roots of animal cruelty, animal violence, & animal killing, be looked through.
When we view the aforementioned through a speciesist lens, we reduce other animals to our usage of them.
Speciesism is seeing other animals values only through human usage.

We MUST realize that the factors which humans collectively & individually behave within the speciesist framework evil is perpetuated…& is done with impunity.

With the collective information on sentience and speciesist, we can develop policies, strategies, & educational programs designed to counteract atrocities toward other than human animals.

Total Liberation

Dig Out Your Soul