Do you have a curious spirit?
Break free.
Do you possess an inquiring mind?
Do you have a big mouth, and will you voice the cold, hard facts to the masses?
Be active.
The evidence contradicting the teachings of the masters is there for you to use.
Use the truth to destroy speciesism.
Oppressors are the very same people who teach you about love, and unity while they advise you to live & let live.
Human supremacy.
Ask how they can preach such biased ideals while practicing QUITE the opposite to all other animals?
Apathy, and self deception through speciesism.
When confronted, they will become hateful, non-humane, & lie.
They have diluted themselves into believing that they practice what they preach.
They will defend animal cruelty.
They will mock others Suffering.
They will turn a blind eye to others horrific, & gruesome deaths.

Total Liberation

Dig Out Your Soul