Take your mind back

Your beliefs are powerful.
Indoctrinated beliefs are even more powerful, as they’re rooted deeply in your core.
How many beliefs are your own?
How many beliefs were planted, and were so carefully cultivated that you believe that they’re your own?
The answer, if you use other animals for food, clothing, and entertainment, is beyond your imagination.
Brainwashing has influenced your perception of reality, which by default, influences the way that you ‘choose’ to live.
Yo, eating others by choice is on par with arguing in favor of all other abolished atrocities…
You lot just haven’t caught up to that fact yet.
Speciesist beliefs control speciesist lives.
What are speciesist beliefs comprised of?
A bunch of fallacious information that you have accepted as truth — even though there is a mountain of available evidence strongly against it.
You oppose animal cruelty, yet you eat and wear animals.
Cruelty is inherent in killing.
Your ability to self deceive is just the bare roots of your washed brain.
Nearly all of the information concerning animal farming (ag gag, HSA, welfare activism, etc) is globally presented to you by mainstream media. Every single second, of every single day, television, film, newspapers, advertisements, sport events, websites
, (etc, mostly etc) are churning out a dense flood of information into your head that you simply do not question.

The meat lie is repeated.
The leather lie is sustained.
The circus/zoo/aquarium lie is duplicated.
The egg lie is replicated.
The hunting lie is unremitting.
The horse racing lie is persistent.
The milk lie is frequent.

This fictive information leads you to continue to perceive all other than human species in a certain way, and so you live accordingly.

98% of the human population cannot conceive that mainstream media does not show the entire truth. No. Perhaps a tiny aspect of it, and in a very biased way. I.e. …’some farmers mistreated their dairy cows….but that the exception to the rule…milk it does a body good’…..

Mainly because there are vested financial, political , national, global, individual interests…..
Tho, of course, y’all ain’t gonna publicly admit it.

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