You don’t want to believe that you’ve been conditioned to eat corpses.
All systems of mind control are based on very basic elements of human psychology, while focusing particularly on socialization.
Humans are herd animals….
The same process that turns an adult individual into a member of a gang, cult, or organization, holding all the same beliefs, likes, & hatreds it possesses, were employed to program YOU.
This was so seamlessly done to YOU that you never realized that it was happening.
And, now?
You white-knuckle grip to self perceived ‘beliefs’ you mistakenly hold as your own.
Laughable….and deplorable.

You’re an addict.

A cruelty funding corpse muncher.
Your demand to eat another animals flesh causes shortening their shitty life of cruelty, until their gruesome death.
That is what you continue to support…with your money, your appetite, and your apathy.
You dine upon decomposing muscle.
Eating other animals is the cause of a slew of major health issues.
You gorge on flesh.

Total Liberation

Dig Out Your Soul