Defund Meat

Run your lamps over some images from Hitler’s holocaust.

Do you feel horrified? Repulsed?

Do you question what went wrong with humanity, and why would so many turn a blind eye? Do you wonder how people could be duped into supporting it?

I wager yes….

Now, have a look at the current animal holocaust.

You aren’t affected at all, are you?

That’s a necessary evil. The animals are here for us to use. You don’t question our treatment of other animals, and you turn a blind eye. You never realized that you’ve been duped into supporting it.


More than 50 billion animals & one trillion aquatic beings are executed annually so we can eat their flesh.

Still, you don’t find it wrong to be responsible for it, and you continue to throw your dollars at the meat man.

You remain wholly apathetic while gorging on decomposing body parts.

You casually ignore their desire to live, their short life of cruelty, their torn apart families….

You ignore their desperate cries, and ignore your own culpability in depriving them of their life.

You tear them from their mothers, you cram them into tiny cages, you force feed them growth hormones, & you pump them full of antibiotics to keep them alive until you kill them.

You don’t allow them to see sunlight, instead you keep them in dark ammonia filled warehouses.

You don’t allow them to feel soft grass, instead you house them on shitty, pissy, unyielding cold hard cement.

You exploit them.

You kill them.

You remain indifferent to the unnecessary suffering you inflict on animals, because you’re disconnected from them via brainwashing.

When you were a child, you felt connected to animals, & treated them with love.

You felt empathy, & you were horrified to learn that you were eating animals.

You were able to relate to their suffering because you weren’t brainwashed yet…

As you grew, you became desensitized through social programming, peer pressure, and your growing addiction.

Since eating dead animals is normal, you are conditioned to believe that it’s okay….

You never pause to contemplate on what it takes for an animal to become ‘meat’….you just know you WANT it…need it, even…your cravings quelled…feeding your addiction…

It ain’t gotta be this way…

Next time you’re buying groceries…….THINK.

Think twice…,

Think about the suffering…the abuse…the exploitation…the gruesome death….

Know that you’re financially supporting suffering, abuse, exploitation, killing.


Throw your dollars in the opposite direction.

Total Liberation

Dig Out Your Soul