Rodeo is Animal Cruelty

#OpRodeo shining a light into the cruel darkness of rodeo

There is absolutely no justifying yourself, or others indulging in brutalizing animals for pleasure.
Bull riding
Calf roping
Steer busting
Bronc riding
Nanny slamming
Tie down
Pig wrestling
Critter roundups
Etc…mostly etc…

Most people have no idea the amount of abuse and violence towards animals that goes on in rodeo.
In the US alone, there are 5,000+ rodeos….out of those, only about a third of them are professionally sanctioned.
Rodeo is a cruel spectator blood sport. Call it what it is.
Roman colosseum style.
Domestic ranch animals are tortured, injured & killed for an audiences entertainment.

Uncivilized bullies amuse each other with contests & events that cause animals to suffer & die.
Imagine enjoying being a part of the show?
Imagine paying to see the show?

Any contest or event that promotes violence & cruelty towards animals should NOT be tolerated in civilized society.
There is a DIRECT CORRELATION between animal abuse & domestic abuse……It categorically cannot be ignored.

PRCA propaganda defends its abuse of animals by hiding behind “tradition & culture”. Pro rodeo folk claim that the events in rodeos are representative of legitimate ranch work.
That’s a fucking lie.
It is all just a façade for a billion dollar industry based on cruelty & lies. Any research of rodeo produces crumbs in a foundation of the western culture.

Take a gander at bull riding…
Claiming strapping/prodding/riding a bucking bull is legitimate ranch work?
Please…it holds absolutely no agricultural purpose whatsoever. Bull riding is a variant of bullfighting from old Mexico. Back then the riders would ride the bull to death.
Tho, human males that have a strong desire for a bigger, stronger male between his thighs…? Yeah, another theory for another time….

Culture & tradition has served up the primary means throughout history of justifying the absolute worst forms of human behavior.
Ask Hitler
Ask Pol Pot
Ask yulin
Ask 9/11
Ask slave owners
Ask dog fighters
Ask gang leaders
Ask Ronald McDonald

Brutality ALWAYS masquerades as tradition!

Calf roping & steer wrestling are a couple more terms for cruel humans to abuse scared domestic baby & juvenile animals.
Imagine being that tough?

Pro Rodeo folk describe their victims as ‘athletes’ in efforts to pull one over on the public….ya know, get ya thinking that animals have actually chosen their abusive life in rodeo.

More propaganda from rodeo defenders is that bulls and broncs were ‘born to buck’.
If animals forced into rodeo were “born to buck,” they wouldn’t have to be spurred, prodded or have flank straps. Electric prods & raking spurs used to stimulate wild behavior in tame horses and bulls. Bruises, broken bones, paralysis & death is the result of rodeo contestants brutality and violence to animals for their demented idea of ‘fun’.
Here’s a visual….ever see a horse or bull playing in a field? They do buck when happy, definitely. Now, juxtapose natural bucking with the scene produced in a rodeo arena. Nothing natural to see….just a terrified animal trying to escape pain.

Bull riding, dog fighting, cockfighting, bull fighting, bronc busting…
Eating, wearing, and using animals is all cut from the same debased fabric: VIOLENCE

Animal Cruelty damages society as a whole.
Sanctioned Animal Cruelty normalizes our insensitivity to the suffering of other beings. As with all civilisations, we learn & (we should) realize that things our species did years ago were wrong.
I mean, genocide & slavery were once ok….societally, the collective just rolled with the norm…
Back in the day, we knew little to nothing about animals intelligence, sensitivity, emotion, and/or social needs…they were only viewed as mechanized beasts & treated as tools.
To allow barbaric tradition merely means that society is insistent on remaining ignorant & insensitive.

Change behavior or cognition:
I will not attend rodeo. It is Animal Cruelty

Justify behavior or cognition by changing the conflicting cognition: It’s ok to attend rodeo occasionally to enjoy animal cruelty.

Justify behavior or cognition by adding new cognitions:
I’ll donate money to an animal rescue org after I attend rodeo.

Ignore or deny any information that conflicts with existing beliefs: Rodeo says it doesn’t abuse animals, I’ll just believe them instead of my own eyes.

It is essential to know that the PRCA wrote their own rules & enforces them.
You’ll just have to take their word for it.

Total Liberation
Buck the rodeo
Dig Out Your Soul