Parents are supposed to assist children in growing into intelligent, conscious, responsible adults. That said; those children would acquire essential skills for living, & would contribute to the world.
Well, here’s the truth….
97% of the global population uses other animals.
Parents ain’t raising intelligent, conscious, responsible adults.
On the contrary, parents fill their cotton brained kids with the same apathetic programming they were brought up with.
They teach their children to be socially obedient.
At home, at school, at family gatherings, social functions, etc….children are forced to obey the food pyramid…..mind the school lunch menu….let the dog out to pee….clean their plate….give the cat water….love the zoo…ride the pony….
They learn how to behave and how not to.
Pet the dog.
Eat the pig.
Ride the horse.
Wear the rabbit.
Kiss the cat.
Put steak sauce on the cow.
They are told to sit and eat what’s on their plate without question.
The programmed parents condition their children what to think, not how to think.
Adults that are brainwashed and addicted NEVER teach kids critical thinking skills so that they can assess information, & reach their own conclusions when presented with new information.
On the contrary, they are forced to accept what they are taught.
If they question, protest, or show signs of deviation…..they’re bullied, lied to, coerced, tricked, mocked….etc
(Soooooooooo sensitive)
They systematically stunt their children’s I.Q. & E.Q. growth…
turn em’ into thoughtless flesh addicted automatons that can’t reason, see speciesism, or ever question beliefs they’ve been conditioned to hold.
They teach children to be apathetic.
Children’s empathy, and attachment to other-than-human animals is well documented. Children are proven to even relate better to other species….yo, watch some cartoons….but still, adults succeed in suppressing empathy for all, and teaching empathy for only a few.
Eat Wear
Use Love
Besides, they gotta warn their kids to not be a social outcast…don’t stand up for the eaten animals, stand up for the protected pets.
If you are empathetic to a stray cat, you’re decent and kind.
If you’re empathetic to a pig, you’re radical and crazy.
Adults condition children to fear going against the grain, to avoid independent thought, to never question the system at ANY time.
Because of that, many associate free thought as a bad thing…conspiracy, snowflake, terrorist…

Unlike most adults, children are in tune with their inner voice and know how to listen with their hearts.
Still, by the time they become adults (after years & years of psychological programming) they usually lose touch with that voice speaking from their heart.
This programming continues to take place in formidable times—->school!
School is where they are defining themselves and peers and social acceptance are priority.
Spaghetti with meatballs….
Ham and cheese sandwiches….
Kids have to do/eat/wear/use things/others they might really hate doing/eating/wearing/using….yet their peer group, teachers, lunch staff, coaches rewards them for.

Eating animals is a societally accepted pathology.

Think for yourself.

Dig Out Your Soul