Abolish Speciesism

To end oppression, we must stop compartmentalizing species into superior and/or inferior.
The vegan zeitgeist is now….
So, there’s a lot of discourse about many important social injustice issues.
Total Liberation!
More & more have woken up to realize that regardless of race or sex ALL humans deserve equal rights. Mmmmhmmmm
This is not where the line is drawn.
The most neglected, ignored, oldest injustice is against other species. It is an injustice that 98% of the global population (every race, every sex, every religion, every political stance, every age…etc..) participates in.
The collective human attitude towards other animals is reflected by the fact that animals are not fully protected by law.
Guess what? This makes it legal for you to kill, eat, use, wear, farm them.
Animals are seen as products…money makers…they’re slyly classified as livestock, further dissociating them from sentient beings.
Their flesh is classified as ‘x meat’, and commercialized.
Sold for a price per pound.
ANY zoologist will prove animals are sentient, conscious, & experience emotions like fear, joy, sadness and love. Like us, they avoid pain and want to live happy & free, like everybody does.
So, why steal their freedom?
Why use them?
Why kill them?
Why eat them?

The myth—-> human supremacy.
Speciesism underlies exploitation, oppression & abuse of other animals.

Smash the speciesism myth…it ain’t nothing but a lie!

Total Liberation

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