Do you feel compelled to blindly conform to the norm?
Do you l❤️ve to obey masters & their servants?
Do you prefer to act mindlessly?
Do you loathe taking responsibility for your actions?

Your favorite actor/politician/athlete, or some flame grilled advertisement on a major media outlet tells you what to do….what to believe….what to think….how to behave…..
Should you?

Should you indeed?

Welly well, after all those years of conditioning you just don’t know how to think for yourself…..aren’t able to employ critical thinking.

You’d rather let the masters think for you.

So you chow down on hunks of decomposing, carcinogenic flesh….
The horror that you rationalize as normal.
Servant to the masters.
Slave to your addiction.
Masters told you so……

To break free from the conditioning, you gotta question, doubt, challenge the tutelage of the masters!

Smash speciesism.

Total Liberation

Dig Out Your Soul