Divine thy essence

The time has come to exhume humanity.

It starts with you.

I believe that there is no room for grey area in terms of animal liberation. It is black & white.
There are two types of people; those that pay for abuse and death, and, those that do not.
No more can you cling to the excuse of ‘unawareness’. Especially when you have a plate full of dead animal flesh in front of you. You know that they must be killed before you can eat them, they must be skinned before you can wear them.
Eschew metaphor; leather, beef, bacon, down, conservation, entertainment……et al
They are designed to anesthetize the truth; skin, dead cow flesh, dead pig flesh, goose feathers, captivity, enslavement…..et al

This is not a fad. This is not a trend. This is not a month long gig.
This ain’t a diet.
You either accept and endorse animal cruelty & death, or, you do not.

Grab a shovel…dig out your soul. Help others dig out theirs.

Veganism is bulletproof. There is no valid argument against it.

Realign your humanness with humanity. End your hypocrisy. Begin your advocacy and start to pay back the debt of bankrupt morals. Look at the animal eating tradition through an aperture of empathy.
Advertisers aid in the desensitization, the numbing. Our soul has been buried under tradition, metaphor, blind eyes, cognitive dissonance, apathy, a societally accepted pathology.
Open your eyes.

Total Liberation

Dig Out Your Soul