Society has standardized your thinking.

Eat some
Wear some
Use some
Love some
All depending upon which nation you were raised in…culturally, you were conditioned, and are species biased.

There are so many heinous behaviors society taught you while you were growing up….you were forming. You were malleable.
All your beliefs, language, behavior, and opinions were taught by masses of people that had already been programmed.
People who know no better, people who have been mislead….
People who are brainwashed.
That very brainwashing has been passed down onto you.
It is brutally coloring your perception…..keeping the blinders on tight… is omnipresent…’s so slick that you lack the very ability to recognize it as implanted belief. You truly believe you formed your own beliefs….you believe that you arrived at the ‘you’ all by yourself.
Well, if you are chowing down on corpses of other animals… haven’t broken free.
You’re not a free thinker.
You’ve been delivered into mediocrity, and rub shoulders with the masses.
You defend heinous treatment of animals, while you call yourself an animal lover.
You claim you oppose animal cruelty, yet your breath is thick with the odor of carrion.

The truth is the truth.

You remain obedient to the masters.
You follow a beaten path paved with speciesism and supremacy.
You are the same as the others….unquestioning.
Unable to disrupt the status quo.
Unable to see your complicity.

Be mindful of the poison you’re drinking….
Big AG
Animal husbandry

Industrial holocaust
Know which well you drink from…..

Are you truly satisfied gnawing on a hunk of animal body?
Are you complacent to masticate on decomposing muscle?

Are you indeed?

To change your mindset, you first have to change your perspective and the masses behaviors you mimic.

Deprogram yourself.
See life.

Total Liberation
Dig Out Your Soul