Blue eyed girl

After a scuffle filled with kicking & screaming, they used an electric prod to remove her from her cell. Then she was queued down a long corridor that opened to a rickety ramp surrounded by steel bars and cement walls.
The large room she was forced to climb up into was humming, the floor was slightly moving…unlike the floor she’d known for the past 6 months.
Once inside, she looked around to find herself surrounded by strange pigs that she had never met before. There were some familiar faces, but most were new to her. They all shared the same wide eyed expression of fear.
There was a loud scraping sound followed by a bang as they were shut inside the cargo truck. The floor underneath them began to shift, they were all were thrust backwards into one another as the world began to move around them outside.
After a couple hours go by, she is able to relax a little bit. The vibration of the vehicle and the fresh breeze filtering though the slots have a slight calming effect. Though, she noticed, others had vomited due to the movement and stress of the strange and cruel loading.
At each stop, she tries to press her face against the slat to see what she can. She sees so many humans at first, walking, running, talking. All their clothes are brightly colored and none are wearing those white rubber boots. Eventually, the only people she sees are in vehicles. They pass by the truck and rarely look over her way. One time, a long blue car was in tandem with the truck. In the back seat sat a little human. This little human made eye contact, then smiled at her and waved. She stared at the little human unable to move. She kept watching as the car moved forward, until eventually it was out of sight.
The time passed by with no end in sight, she felt her throat tighten with thirst, while her stomach gnawed with hunger.
The truck finally rolled to a stop. She flinched when the air release from the exhaust. As she pushed pigs in front of her in an effort to see outside, she realizes that a pig next to her lays motionless on the shit and puke covered floor. She stares at the body, her eyes are unable to pull away. She hears screaming from the front of the area. Someone’s leg was broken, and their anguish fills the space. Her throat tightening as she tries to swallow.
Before she can look outside, the sounds of chains and latches, metal on metal are coming from behind the truck. Everyone’s cries grow louder as they all back away from the doors. She is being squished by several panicking pigs. She feels nauseous. She feels faint.
The doors open and bright sunlight streams in. The fresh air collides with the ammonia and bile filled air inside. Workers line up a ramp to the back. There is banging coming from both sides now. She, and all the pigs, move toward the ramp filled with dread.
She was unloaded from the truck with the others, they were panicking and prodded down a long chute while the squeals of terrified cries of other pigs deafened her. She squealed in fear along with those surrounding her.
Her thirst and hunger were quelled as an acidic churn deep inside her guts sped her heartbeat up. Up ahead, the walls begin to narrow until a single line is formed.
They move, nose to ass, trembling as they go. A whoosh of air, a thud, a crunch. She smells blood. She smells fear. She watches, helplessly, as the pig in front of her enters a machine. His screams are echoing down the corridor, for a moment she can’t breathe. The pig in front of her goes silent, stiffens, collapses and spasms. The workers push the pig away. She stares at the empty area, too afraid to move.
Finally, she takes tentative steps forward…..
A worker wearing rubber presses a cold metal gun to her head…
The pain of 240 volts of electricity shoots through her body….
She is now dead…(she is actually lucky that she was properly stunned)
Then, she is hung by her hind legs and is exsanguated from her heart. Her life’s blood flows steadily from her still body through the hole in her body made by the worker.
Her lifeless body will hang until the flow of her blood stops.
Once she is emptied of blood, she will be lowered into boiling water to be scalded. 140° Fahrenheit. Her body hair will be removed to prepare her for butchering.
She will be cut in half lengthways.
Her body will be carved and hacked into pieces.
Her body parts will be salted, smoked, and plumped to preserve.
Her flesh will be stamped with a sell by date.
She will be cooked.
She will be eaten.
She will be scraped off a plate.
She will be digested, shat out, and flushed.

Total Liberation

Dig Out Your Soul