You stand for nothing, you’re meaningless, Prosaic

You rejoined the static hum of the herd, brainless

Chowing down on corpses, Archaic

The Lies you lay are thick

You’re Pathology stricken, sick

Yeah you’re a bitch, and you’re fücking basic

The cruelty you decided to pick

Society en masse you’re obeying

Diet standard, no deviation

Same old, same old you’re adhering

The Flesh you eat is decaying

Feeding your children


Species betraying

Farmer/slaughterhouse/ you’re paying them

Veganism didn’t give you an eating disorder

That’s just a cop out, you’re a cruelty supporter

Plant based vs flesh eating, you were always on the Border

Farm-to-table made-to-order

Turning cows into burger

Bacon screaming porker

Lay down another quarter

Pay for the knife to get sharper

Plant based shock absorber

Transitional diet turned to murder

Speciesism is a mental disorder

Now you chew flesh again you’re Despicable

Your return to addiction was Predictable

Your self image is so weak it’s Visible

Fad follower and easily impressionable

You’re just so Typical

All the while claiming to be Liberal

You an actual vegan, you weren’t capable

Your ass size made plant based possible

You flunked out, turkey on your table…Terrible

Your impact on your friends & family- Minimal

Your empathy for all others is Fictional

Smile while you gorge on corpse Spectacle

Both sides of your mouth you’re speaking- Double

A few short years eating plants was your Pinnacle

Cruelty connoisseur

Veganism you abjure

Back to funding the kill floor

Morally you took a detour

Laying in the enemy’s trenches of this Great War

Wrong side of history for sure

You are one more throwing dollars at the Abattoir

You got a lot to Answer for

You got a lot of blood to Account for

Plant eating to flesh eating…no surprise, sure

No philosophical change did Occur

You’re just another trend jumping Poseur

Vegan or violence- I Concur

Total Liberation

Dig Out Your Soul