Right now

Speciesism, like racism, is a form of discrimination based on the belief that one group is superior to another. Both stem from a narrow-minded & flawed worldview that places a value on certain groups while disregarding the inherent worth & dignity of others.

Love dogs

Eat pigs

Wear sheep

Ride horses

Just as racism creates hierarchies among humans based on skin color, speciesism creates hierarchies among species based on the belief that some species are more important or deserving of respect & consideration than others. This well oiled machine the root of all exploitation, misery, & abuse of certain species for the benefit of those in power.

Love cats

Eat cows

Wear rabbits

Visit zoos

Both racism & speciesism are harmful and unjust, as they ignore the unique experiences, perspectives, & emotions of those who are targeted. Speciesism is a narrative used to prevent us from recognizing them as individuals, and working together towards a just world.

Rip off the blinders!

Challenge speciesism just like you challenge other forms of discrimination & prejudice.

You must recognizing the value of ALL species; treating them with respect and dignity.

Eat no animals

Use no animals

Wear no animals

Love all animals

You gotta move beyond the narrow-minded ideologies that perpetuate discrimination.

Be Vegan

Dig Out Your Soul